Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Botanics face balm and cleanser

I was looking into balm type moisturizers these days and came across this product at  Target. I first tried the organic face nourishing eye makeup remover b/c face super balm was sold out at there. Loved the remover, it is indeed very moisturizing and it doesn't sting your eyes,  gets rid of  makeup super clean. The consistency is gel- like oil that turns into white liquid when you wash off with water so it's super easy to get it off. 
(I hate those removers that are so hard to get it off from your skin, what's the point of erasing makeup if you can't get the actual cleanser off? )

So after loving the product I went and got the other two products. It was quite hard to find the face balm,  I had to go to 3 different Target stores to get it, and I snatched the last one at the store. 
(you can order at Target website here or  Boots online here)

Out of the three product, I am least fond of this product. It's a Deep Clean Mousse for dry skin.


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  2. I remember a few days after moving from London to Los Angeles going into the beauty section of Target and laughing my head off that you can get Boots products there - though now I'm kinda glad, reminds me of home!